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Fred S. Conte, Ph.D.
Aquaculture Specialist, Lecturer
Department of Animal Science
University of California
Davis, CA 95616-8521

Phone: (530)752-7689
FAX: (530)752-0175
E-mail: fsconte@ucdavis.edu
URL: http://animalscience.ucdavis.edu/faculty/conte/

About This Web Site

Good day, my name is Fred Conte, and welcome to the California Aquaculture web site. Aquaculture is aquatic farming of plants and animals, and has been our subject since the site went on line in the early 1990s. The website is connected to the computer network of the Department of Animal Science and is located on the campus of the University of California, Davis. It is designed to provide information to Californians, but has regional, national, and international audiences.

About the People

It is good to put names on the people operating California Aquaculture and the organizations associated with the web site; especially as you have chosen to give us your time. California Aquaculture is maintained by the Dr. Fred Conte, Extension Aquaculture Specialist and Lecturer, and Dr. Abbas Ahmadi, Software Engineer and senior programmer in the Department of Animal Science at the University of California, Davis.

I am part of the Cooperative Extension faculty of the Department, with teaching and research responsibilities. My primary responsibilities is to develop and conduct programs that benefit my clientele group, which include aquaculture producers, State and Federal agencies impacting aquaculture, and the general public. My work includes both marine and freshwater aquaculture. My teaching includes lectures and workshops in aquaculture technology, public policy, aquaculture regulations, and social issues including environmental impacts and animal welfare.

My research focus is shellfish sanitation, sanitation modeling and software development. My essential colleague is Dr. Ahmadi who works with departmental faculty to create animal production-related software programs, performs programming and statistical services to the Department, builds our websites and keeps the faculty current in the digital world. He has been my co-author on numerous computer-related publications and presentations, and designed and built the software that operates the various search and sort functions on California Aquaculture’s publication section.

The “Water Carrier” art appearing on our primary page is the artwork of Sheila Waters, and highlights the graphics used in the California Aquaculture web site and our Aquarius software. Ms. Waters is a renowned artist, whose works in calligraphy, design and art education have international recognition. Special thanks are extended to Ms. Waters for permission to use the Aquarius design on our website and software, and we encourage you to click on "The Water Carrier" to visit her web site.

Thank you for giving us your time to get to know who we are and where we are located.

Fred S. Conte
University of California Davis

Selected Publications

Conte, F.S. and A. Ahmadi. 2014. Application of the Pearl model to analyze fecal coliform data from conditionally approved shellfish harvest areas in seven Texas bays. Journal of Environmental Health. 77(2): 22-29.


Murata, K., F.S. Conte, E. McInnis, T.H. Fong and G.N. Cheer. 2014. Identification of the origin and localization of chorion (egg envelope) proteins in an ancient fish, the White Sturgeon, Acipenser transmontanus. Biology of Reproduction 90(6) 132, 1-12.

Conte, F.S. and A. Ahmadi. 2013. Pearl: A new model for evaluating and managing shellfish growing water closures. J. of American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineering, Applied Engineering in Agriculture. 29(3): 351-359.

Conte, F.S. and A. Ahmadi. 2012. Evaluation of Fecal Coliform Samples Collected from Oakland Bay, Washington Using a New Model for Estimating the Ninetieth Percentile Criteria for Evaluating Shellfish Growing Water. Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management, 75(3): 16-22.


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