Conversion: Concentration

Enter a value for the concentration and the program automatically calculates the rest.
is equal to:

Milligrams per Liter (mg/l) *

Cubic Centimeters per Cubic meters (cm3/m3)

Cubic Centimeters per Cubic foot (cm3/ft3)

Milligrams per Gallon (mg/gal) *

Grams per 100 gallons (g/100 gal) *

Cubic Centimeters per 100 gallons (cm3/100 gal) *

Pounds per Acre-Feet (lb/acre-ft) *

Pounds per Million Gallons (lb/million gal) *

Gram per Liter (g/l) *

Cubic Centimeter per Liter (cm3/l) *

Gram per Gallon (g/gal) *

Ounce per Gallon (oz/gal) *

Fluid Ounce per Gallon (fluid oz/gal) *

Pound per Gallon (lb/gal) *

Cubic Centimeter per Gallon (cm3/gal) *

Gram per Kilogram (g/kg)

Gram per Pound (g/lb)

Ounce per Pound (oz/lb)

Grains per Pound (grains/lb)
Parts per Million (ppm)

Parts per Hundred / Percent (%)

* Based on water at 17C (63F)