Conversion: Flow Rate

Enter a value for the flow rate and the program automatically calculates the rest.

is equal to:

Liter per Day (l/day)

Liter per Hour (l/hr)

Liter per Minute (l/min)

Liter per Second (l/s)

Cubic Feet per Day (ft3/day)

Cubic Feet per Hour (ft3/hr)

Cubic Feet per Minute (ft3/min)

Cubic Feet per Second (ft3/s)

Gallon per Day (gal/day)

Gallon per Hour (gal/hr)

Gallon per Minute (gal/min)

Gallon per Second (gal/s)

Acre Feet per Day (acre·ft/day)

Acre Inch per Hour (acre·in/hr)