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Aquaculture Coordinator
Randy Lovell
Department of Fish and Wildlife
1416 Ninth Street
Sacramento, California 95814
(916) 445-2008

Fish and Game Commission The Commission meets at least eleven times each year to publicly discuss various proposed regulations, permits, licenses, management policies and other subjects within its areas of responsibility. It is a gateway for establishing regulations and regulatory changes for California's wildlife, including aquaculture.

*** CDFW Code and CDFW Regulations Go to the primary CDFW web page. Use either the search engine and search for Code and Title 14 regulations, or navigates to the Document Library option and search for Code or Title 14 Regulations.

California Department of Public Health Regulatory authority over commercial shellfish harvest, processing and other shellfish related food safety issues.

California Department of Food and Agriculture Agency that is involved with the commercial aspects of aquaculture, including weights and measurements, feed inspections, agriculture assistance, and similar programs.

State Water Resources Control Board The Water Boards regulate wastewater discharges to both surface water (rivers, ocean, etc.) and to groundwater (via land). The Water Boards also regulate storm water discharges from construction, industrial, and municipal activities; discharges from irrigated agriculture (and Aquaculture); dredge and fill activities; the alteration of any federal water body under the 401 certification program; and several other activities with practices that could degrade water quality.

California Coastal Commission The Coastal Commission, in partnership with coastal cities and counties, plans and regulates the use of land and water in the coastal zone. Development activities, which are broadly defined by the Coastal Act to include (among others) construction of buildings, divisions of land, and activities that change the intensity of use of land or public access to coastal waters, generally require a coastal permit from either the Coastal Commission or the local government.

Ocean Protection Council The OPC Coordinates activities of ocean-related state agencies to improve the effectiveness of state efforts to protect ocean resources within existing fiscal limitations; establishes policies to coordinate the collection and sharing of scientific data related to coast and ocean resources between agencies; identifies and recommends to the Legislature changes to the law; and identifies and recommends changes in federal law and policy to the Governor and the Legislature.


California State Senate Including the California Legislative Portal, which is a gateway to California's legislative websites

California State Assembly Including links to bill searches

Legislative Analyst's Office Including budget information and perspectives on issues

California Legislative Council:  Including Information on matters pending before the Legislature