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Aquatic Species & Subject Links & Other Resources

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Aquatic Plants: APIRS Center for Aquatic Plants APIRS, Aquatic and Wetland Plant Information Retrieval System. University of Florida

Best of the Web - Aquatic Helpful resource for researching invasive aquatic species on the Internet.

FINS Fish Information Service: An archive of information about aquariums. It covers both freshwater and marine, tropical and temperate and is an excellent site for those interested in aquarium fish.

Interactive Watershed Maps Creeklife. Maps cover watersheds across all US states and territories and features dynamic delineation of watershed boundaries at national, state, county, and even city levels! All you have to do is zoom in and out and the map will automatically trace out all known watershed boundaries depending on the location you target.

NetVet Drops you inside the NetVet site covering aquaculture and fish - a world of links.

Statistically Significant Consulting LLC.   Statistical consultant for doctoral students, researchers, and any science application. Also, an excellent source for statistics tutorials.
Email: . Launch in 2003, is a key resource for free technical information for the global aquaculture industry.

Producer and Academic Organizations

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Global Aquaculture Alliance is an international, nonprofit trade association dedicated to advancing environmentally and socially responsible aquaculture.

California Aquaculture Association

National Aquaculture Association

Aquacultural Engineering Society  

California Farm Bureau Federation  

American Tilapia Association  

Associated Koi Clubs of America

Catfish Farmers of America

Fish Culture Section, American Fisheries Society

National Shellfisheries Association

Pacific Coast Shellfish Growers Association-PCSGA

U.S. Trout Farmers Association

World Aquaculture Society  

Regional Aquaculture Centers

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Background: The Congress of the United States established five administrative centers for the development of domestic aquaculture. Each center represents states within a given geographic region. The center, via its Executive Director, operates through a system of committees and a Board of Directors to develop and fund regional projects in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Participants include industry, academic, and agency personnel; and regional projects include aquaculture research, development, outreach, and demonstration activities.

International Aquaculture Centers

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Food & Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

FAO Conducts international programs on all aspects of food and agriculture, including fisheries and aquaculture programs. Among their many activities FAO maintains databases, publishes reports on international aquaculture programs, and publishes aquaculture information. This site is a must for those interested in international aquaculture.

Non-electronic correspondence should be addressed to:

Fisheries Officer
Viale delle Terme di Caracalle, 00100Rome, Italy

Southeast Asia Fisheries Development Center (SEAFDEC)

SEAFDEC Publishers of SEAFDEC Asian Aquaculture and SEAFDEC Aqua Farm News. SEAFDEC is a major source for information on aquaculture in Asia and Southeast Asia. Other addresses for SEAFDEC are listed below.

SEAFDEC Aquaculture Department
Training and Information Division
P.O. Box 256, Iloilo City 5000

PH: 63(33)335-1009, 336-2891, 336-2937, 336-2965
Fax: 63(33)335-1008, 336-2891
e-mail: and

World Fish WorldFish, a member of the CGIAR Consortium, is an international, nonprofit research organization. CGIAR is a global partnership that unites organizations engaged in research for a food secure future.

International Aquaculture Books

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Fishing News Books Fishing News Books, a division of Blackwell Science, has specialized in publishing books for the fishing and aquaculture industries of the world for over thirty years.

Blackwell Scientific Publications, Ltd.
Osney Mead, Oxford OX2 0EL

Aquaculture E-News & Publications

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Aquatic Animals Mailing Lists A site that provides numerous linkages to aquaculture and related list servers and discussion groups.

Aquaculture Magazine Aquaculture's U.S. magazine with international coverage. See what is happening in aquaculture today. Also, the Buyer's Guide and Industry Directory with almost 300 pages of important information is the prime reference source for aquaculturists worldwide!

Aquatic Network, The A site that provides information about living resources and technology relating to marine and freshwater. The Site includes a diverse collection of services, databases, news, editorials, art forms, advertisements, and products.

Aquaculture NEWS, The A magazine that covers all aspects of aquaculture, from economics to the technical aspects of fish farming. Leading writers from all across the nation contribute editorial comment each month.

Fish Farming International Fish Farming International is a premiere publication about what is happening in aquaculture throughout the world. FFI is a wealth of information about aquaculture happenings in the business and academic communities.

Fishing Magazines A collection of fishing magazines sorted by location & popularity

HATCHERY International A specialty publication for owners and operators of private and public fish hatcheries. The magazine covers all species and all culture methods used in the early rearing of fish and shellfish.

Northern Aquaculture Northern Aquaculture: The Voice of Cold Water Aquaculture in North America is a commercial and academic aquaculture publication that targets cold water species production in Canada and the United States.

POND BOSS A premiere magazine dedicated to managing private waters. Excellent application for farm ponds and other recreational ponds and lakes.

Shrimp News International SNI is an outstanding international source of marine shrimp news and information and a must for those into penaeid shrimp aquaculture. Publishes reports and directories on international shrimp farming.

TheFishSite The FishSite is the website for the global aquaculture community. An excellent site for international aquaculture news and current fisheries events.

Databases & Library Links

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California Academy of Science   Many resources including fish and invertebrate databases.

EPA Envirofacts Warehouse Database The EPA database site for environmental information.

National Agricultural Statistics Service The USDA database site for agriculture and aquaculture statistics.

Seafood Market Analyst A national and international database of statistics for fisheries products and information.

Fish Information & Services A national and international database of statistics for fisheries products and information.

University Aquaculture Links

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California Aquaculture, University of California
(You are already here!)

California Davis (University of) Small Farm Center

California Davis (University of) Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program (Worm Information and more.)

California Sea Grant

Arizona (University of) Aquaculture Links

Auburn University

Hawaii (University of) - Pacific Regional Aquaculture Information Service For Education  

Kentucky State University (Bill Wurts-Aquaculture)

Mississippi State University, Aquaculture

Oregon State University, Pond Dynamics/Aquaculture Collaborative Research Support Program (PD/A CRSP)

Washington (University of) School of Fisheries

Commercial Aquaculture Links
Please reference the disclaimer statement at top of this page. These links are provided to the user to provide some entry information to aquaculture services to reduce the workload of both
telephone and written inquires.

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AquacultureDirect Aquaculture Direct is a full service source for fresh aquaculture products, equipment, supplies and fish feed. Whether you are a consumer that enjoys and supports the aquaculture industry by purchasing product for your own enjoyment or you are a fish or shellfish producer that wants a one stop shop to move your crop, buy and sell new and used equipment, this is the place.

Coast Seafoods Company Hilton's Coast Seafoods, a premiere source for oysters in the United States since 1946. Growers of oysters, oysters, and Manila clams.

Hog Island Oyster Co. Home of the Sweetwater oyster and other shellfish.

Kirby Peak Ranch Hydroponics and Aquaponics - Aquaculture and aquatic products at its best.

Sterling Caviar: Come and discover the new world of Caviar with Sterling. A world of exquisite taste, of new experiences, and the absolute best quality. Sterling is unique. Born and raised in California, Sterling is one of the only American producers of premium farm-raised sturgeon caviar.

Aquatic Diets and Feed Mills

Skretting SilverCup: World-wide manufacturers & distributors of fish feed for various fish species. 118 West 4800 South, PO Box 57428, Murray UT 84157-0428 USA. Toll Free 1-800-521-9092, In UTAH (801)262-2991 Fax (801)266-7126 e-mail to:

Rangen Inc. Aquaculture Feeds Division. Suppliers of aquaculture feeds for the aquaculture industry. 115 13th Ave. So., P.O. Box 706, Buhl, ID 83316-0706. 1-800-657-6446.

Reed Mariculture Marine microalgae paste for hatchery applications.

SR-Mjol hf.   Exporter of Fish Meal and Fish Oil from Iceland for aquaculture and agriculture. Information on high-quality Fish Meal and Fish Oil for aquaculture and agriculture.

Star Milling Co. AceHi Fish Feeds California producer of fine fish feeds.


Accles & Shelvoke:  A highly respected company that supplies industry with high quality humane slaughter equipment, bolt stunners and other type cartridge powered tools in all parts of the world. A career center resource for the aquaculture industry with daily additions of new jobs and employer profiles, as well as constantly updated industry news. The site serves as a portal to help both employees and employers stay abreast of current employment opportunities. To learn more, go to the link or contact by email at Provide the complete recruitment solution to the global aquaculture industry.

A2Water Process Solutions Water treatment needs through practical, innovative technologies and personalized service.

AQUAneering Aquaculture Equipment, including the manufacture of Live Haul Tanks, Display Tanks and Fish and Frog holding, and Biological Filtration System. Consulting Engineer on site. 8280 Clairemont Mesa Blvd., #117, San Diego CA 92111, PH: 858-541-2028 Fax: 858-541-2048

BUNZL Processor Division: Bunzl is a leader in the food processing and food packaging industries, providing plant maintenance and operating supplies to over 25,000 customers in North America and offering value-added service to help customers achieve strategic business results.

Diversified Waterscapes Offers state-of-the-art products for aquatic management to professional applicators. We have utilized our experience in the field to develop a group of products that will show dramatic results in your aquatic environment. Diversified waterscapes, Inc. offers a complete line of lake, pond and stream products. Algal control through fish stocking.

DoMyOwnPestControl Professional do-it-yourself pest control products & free expert advice. Products for aquaculture support buildings, lakes, ponds and any other application.

ENC Laboratories A unique business specializing in the chemistry of seawater and other high salt environments. Offering comprehensive analysis of both major and minor components in seawater and related matrices.

EPAeration, Inc. EPAeration, Inc., a leader in sub-surface activated oxygen aeration systems, deals directly with the problems of water quality across a wide spectrum of markets, including aquaculture, land agriculture, food-processing, golf courses, resorts, and commercial and residential developments.

Fisheries Technology Associates, Inc. A full-service aquaculture consulting and fisheries consulting firm since 1982.

Fish Tanks Compare prices on over 50,000+ fish supplies and aquarium products, fish tanks and food, heaters, accessories, pumps and more at

FISHTECH, Inc. A world-wide consultant firm for aquaculture, with special expertise in the farming of abalone. A great marketplace for buying and selling farm, aquaculture and fishing equipment like anchors, boats, drift bags, attractants, line, gps, lures, mustad hooks, spoons and a wide range of services including job opportunities.

Green Thumb Water Garden Center Green Thumb carries a full line of equipment and supplies for any water feature. Whether you need pumps, filters, uv light or fish food, Green Thumb is your one stop shop for all your water garden or fountain needs.

Lake Restoration  Lake Restoration has been restoring pond and lake beauty since 1977. We specialize in providing services for lake associations and property owners, as well as providing do-it-yourself weed control kits.

Olympus Aquaculture Consulting, Inc. Molluscan Shellfish Hatchery Consulting: Including Site Assessment, System and Facility Design, Hatchery, Nursery, and Grow-out Design, Equipment Selection, Project Startup, Operational Protocol, Operations Support and Troubleshooting, Production Planning and Staff Training.

Professional Aquaculture Services Professional Aquaculture Services is a full service aquaculture firm specializing in a variety of areas from private lake and pond stocking to commercial production facilities. The management and personnel at Professional Aquaculture Services are experienced in construction, production, management and marketing. Species include Channel catfish, striped bass, sturgeon, largemouth bass, trout and many others. The company’s primary markets are:

- Private Lakes or Ponds
- Other Fish Farms
- Export of fry and fingerlings
- Marketing and consulting services
- Research and scientific institutions
- Federal or State Enhancement projects

For more information please contact Tony Vaught.

Robertson-Bryan, Inc. A multi-disciplinary consulting firm of engineers and scientists with expertise in water and power resource planning, design and management, construction management, water quality, aquatic and terrestrial biological resources, and regulatory compliance.

Seabed Processes Consultancy Ltd   Seabed Processes Consultancy specializes in marine and aquaculture consulting with an emphasis on shellfish fisheries. International Consultants.

Statistical & Financial Consulting by Stanford PhD. A comprehensive service to provide statistical and financial consulting: for businesses, projects or academic endeavors. The “Statistics Resources" page alone contains mathematical descriptions, lists of useful textbooks and other resources displayed separately for different statistical methods. The "Statistics Software" page contains a table comparing 5 major statistical packages.

Statistical Consulting by David Kremelberg Statistical consultant for academics, researchers, and any research application.

Statistically Significant Consulting LLC.   Statistical consultant for doctoral students, researchers, and any science application. Also, an excellent source for statistics tutorials.
Email: .

Equipment and material product Suppliers

ADPI Enterprises, Inc. Distributors of Durethene - Polyethylene Netting for Aquaculture and Marine Hydroponic Applications.

Airgas Northern California & Nevada Complete gas needs for the aquaculture industry.

AquaFauna Bio-marine   Worldwide Suppliers of Aquaculture Feeds; Equipment and Supplies; Systems Design; Specialty Diets for Shrimp, Fish and Crustacea; Algamac Series

Aquatinter Complete aquaculture suppliers and services.

AQUAneering Aquaculture Equipment, including Live Haul Tanks, Display Tanks and Fish and Frog holding, and Biological Filtration Systems. Consulting Engineer on site. 8280 Clairemont Mesa Blvd., #117, San Diego CA 92111
PH: 858-541-2028   Fax: 858-541-2048

Aquatic Eco-Systems, Inc Manufacturers of Sweetwater Aquaculture Products. Supplier of Aquaculture Equipment, Instruments, Supplies, Chemicals and Other Materials Used By the Aquaculture and Aquatic Related Industries.

Argent Chemical Laboratories FDA Approved Drugs for Aquaculture, Aquaculture Chemicals & Therapeutics, Aquaculture Equipment, Supplies & Books. Tom A. Sawtell, 8702 152nd Ave NE, Redmond, WA 98052 PH: 800-426-6258 Fax: 425-885-2112

Bend Tarp and Liner, Inc Providing top-quality pond and lake liner products direct to consumers for over 20 years. Fabrication and sales of lining products to aquaculture, agricultural water users, industrial, construction and government agencies nationally.

Bird Barrier America, Inc. Bird Barrier products are installed on thousands of buildings every year to protect them from the damage caused by pest birds.

Bird Bird-x, Inc.  A world leader providing products to scare away predators from fish farms without harming them.

Campbell Scientific, Inc. Instruments and scientific solutions for aquaculture problems.

Colorite’s AeroTube™ provides a cost-effective, high performance water aeration solution for the new generation of improved eco-friendly aquaculture systems. with numerous applications for aquaculture systems, including raceways and partitioned aquaculture systems, recirculating systems, hatcheries, grow-out ponds, cage culture and haul trucks. .

Christensen Net Works   Netting supplies for the aquaculture, industrial and sporting needs.

DEL Ozone The Complete Ozone Company: Manufacturer, Supplier & Designer of Corona Discharge Ozone Systems, including Contact Tanks, Injectors, Monitors Custom Flow Splitters, Booster Pumps, Valves and Accessories. Maintenance Programs, Field Service Support, Commissioning and On-site Training, Specification Analysis, Sizing Formulas, Ozone Dosage Recommendations and Applications Guidelines. Beth Hamil, Commercial/Aquatics Sales Director, 3428 Bullock Lane, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401 PH: 800-676-1335 ext. 222; 805-541-1608 Fax: 805-541-8459 e-mail: .

Fish Farming and Aquaculture Resources The Sea-Ex Aquaculture information resource provides contact details for suppliers of farmed product, aquaculture and water treatment products, aquaculture books, links and suppliers by species and links to many informative aquaculture sites.

In Line Plastics, LCC A full-service provider of Geomembrane liners and baffle systems, including pond, pit and tank liners.

Heating Your Pond: 25-years experience in fish pond heater design and thermodynamic engineering. Suppliers of In-tank heaters for multi-tank recirculation systems, or inline heat exchangers, standard Koi pond heaters and deicers, or other customized designs.

In Line Plastics, LC A full-service provider of Geomembrane liners and baffle systems, including pond, pit and tank liners.

Integrated Aqua Systems, Inc Supplying complete range of aquaculture equipment for research or commercial applications. Manufactured products include UV sterilizers, biofilters, and integrated filtrations systems packages.

Keeton Industries Aquaculture Supplies

Novalek Inc.  Parent company for Kordon, Oasis and AquaVet: Products for pets, aquarium, aquaculture. Robert Rofen, 2242 Davis Ct., Hayward, CA 94545 PH: 510-782-4058 Fax: 510-784-0945 e-mail:

OceanScience  Specializes in oceanographic buoys and equipment, including surface buoys, subsurface buoyancy, seafloor platforms and wave gauges and navigation and navigation marker lights.

Ozone Solutions   Premier Ozone Services! - For aquaculture and other industry applications. Suppliers of high quality ozone generators, oxygen concentrators, injection systems, booster pumps, bubble diffusers, tubing and all aquaculture accessories. Design, integration and installation services available. Sioux Center, IA (888) 892-0303.

Ryne Process Inc.  Tanks, instruments, wastewater treatment systems, water filters, remediation and more.

SKS Science Products   A supplier of laboratory products for science and the aquaculture industry.

Sterner Products AB   International (European) supplier of aquaculture equipment.

Western Environmental Liner   We specialize in custom fabricated liners and linings for all types of applications including large ponds, canals, lakes, pits, golf course pond liners, oil liners, fuel liners, and more. Our liners are made of PVC, polypropylene and polyethylene and other specialty materials.

Western Chemical Inc.   An Aquatic Life Sciences Company and World Leader in Fish Health Products and Biosecurity Supplies.

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