Getting Started in Aquaculture

Considering Commercial Aquaculture

If you are considering commercial freshwater aquaculture you should start by reading the publication, "Evaluation of a freshwater site for aquaculture potential." Commercial aquaculture depends on land and water resources, markets and an honest assessment of the stage of aquaculture development being considered. This publication will prepare you for communicating with people in academia and the industry if you seek their help. Several of the species covered in the publication (tilapia and hybrid striped bass) have made the transition from research and development (R&D) to full economic reality since the publication was written, however, the concepts covered in the material are fundamental to all aquaculture.

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Anon. A Guide to California State Permits, Licenses, Laws and Regulations Affecting California's Aquaculture Industry. California Resource Agency, Department of Fish and Game. For a copy, contact:
Aquaculture Coordinator
Department of Fish and Game
1416 Ninth Street
Sacramento, California 95814
PH: (916) 653-9583