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Getting Started in Aquaculture

The California Aquaculture web site is a wealth of aquaculture related information, including the "Publications" section containing approximately 300 aquaculture publications in .PDF format, and a search and sort function. The "key word" search function searches by subject matter and species, and a keystroke brings up a list of key words contained in the search mechanism.

To help you find information quickly, the links below will take you to areas related to frequently requested information from recreational through commercial aquaculture. The publications are selects that are chosen by the Specialist, but we encourage you to access all available publications in the Publications Section, which can be accessed on the Home page.

Selected Aquaculture Subjects

Considering Commercial Aquaculture

Recreational Lake and Pond Management

Pond Construction

Aquatic Vegetation Control

Tank and Recycle Aquaculture Production Systems

Selected Aquaculture Species