Getting Started in Aquaculture

Aquatic Vegetation Control

Aquatic vegetation control is based on identification of the target plants, then removing the plant by the most appropriate method of control determined by a certified weed control specialist. Options include mechanical, chemical or biological control. Assistance with plant identification and control can be obtained through your local County Cooperative Extension office, or through the The Weed Research and Information Center and  Specialist located at U.C. Davis (listed below). The publication, "Aquatic weed control: Obtaining assistance" can assist you in coordinating these activities. Use the UCD contact listed below in place of the contact listed in the publication. An updated publication is being constructed.

Conte, F.S. 1995. Aquatic weed control: Obtaining assistance. U.C. Davis Animal Science Aquaculture Pub. ASAQ C01. pp. 5. ASAQ-C01.PDF

Please note that the regulations concerning sterile Grasscarp use in California have changed since ASAQ C01 was printed. Sterile Grasscarp are now allowed in certain areas of northern California. Please refer to Anon. 1998 listed below for current information on sterile Grasscarp.

Anon. 1998. Imperial irrigation district fact sheets: Aquatic weed control and sterile grass carp. Pp 2. IID6-98.PDF

U.C. Davis Aquatic Weed Specialist:

Dr. Joseph M. DiTomaso
Weed Specialist &
Director: Weed Research and Information Center
160 Robbins Hall
1 Shields Ave.
University of California Davis
Davis, CA 95616
(530) 754-8715
FAX: 530-752-4604

Assistant to the Chair: 530-752-1748